$2,320 one time price
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Gets You a Custom Designed, Responsive, Unlimited Pages & SEO Optimized Website Ready To Attract You More Customers
2020 was a challenging year - an understatement! Did you get all the business you wanted last year? Regardless of why you need more business, I5 WebWorks can give your business a shot in the arm -- no COVID humor intended. A new website or new design can attract more new customers and please old customers at an affordable price in practically no time at all.

Do you get all the business you want? Are you a little short on business this year? Regardless of the reason you need more business, i5ww can get you up and attracting more red-hot customers at an affordable price in practically no time at all.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Custom designed responsive website – recommended by Google – with up to 10 pages completed with your text and images included in the price (unlimited additional pages with your text and images cost just $35 per page)
  • An easy-to-manage website created in WordPress, which provides a Content Management System, content editor, allowing you can to update your pages as needed (website management training video also included)
  • SEO ready so you’re primed and ready for additional search visibility
  • IMAP SSL email with five email addresses
  • Fast, reliable, and secure hosting for your website and email, including domain encryption
  • First-year hosting included – standard hosting fees after that


As a small business, you’ve undoubtedly tried many marketing tactics: brochures, flyers, signs, pay-per-click, cold-calling, event marketing, radio, and many others. When you use SEO, Search Engine Marketing, you are getting a low cost-per-lead.

Think about it. Once you have your site ranking for your targeted keywords, you get customers for months and years to come. Then you can use other marketing strategies like referral marketing to grow from there.

You can also work on building your email list for email marketing, which has the most significant ROI of all in online marketing, according to VentureBeat. Building your email list also means you can stay in touch with those customers and have protection from Google algorithm updates, which could hurt your search rankings.

As seen in 2020, many are turning to the web to research and buy. That includes sophisticated B2B buyers, consumers – everyone.

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Why Choose i5ww To Get Your Website Ranking Online?

The team founded i5ww in 2001, way before “Internet marketing” or “online lead generation” was even thought of by most businesses. That was a competitive time when Infoseek, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Excite, HotBot, AskJeeves, Altavista, and Google were still battling to be the top search engine.

In those days, you could cram as many keywords as you could get onto a web page so you could rank. And that strategy worked. Of course, ranking in Google today is much more complicated. Since then, we’ve successfully navigated all of Google’s algorithm changes for hundreds of clients in nearly every industry. So, you can feel secure that no matter what Google throws your way, we’ll help you get through it and keep your ranking, so you get the customers you want from your marketing efforts.

What Role Does Social Media Play in Search Rankings?

Search engine optimization experts debate the true role of social media in search rankings, although social media plays a role in your website’s rankings through social signals. For example, the number of shares a piece of your content gets may show Google people like it. As a result, Google may be more likely to rank your content highly.

It is possible for you to profit immensely from social media. You can use it to generate additional leads and sales. Most businesses simply don’t have the time or internal resources available to learn how to make social media profitable. We do. Since we’re a full-service internet marketing company, you can add that service if you think it makes sense.

There’s No Secret To Successful Digital Marketing – Just Hard Work

You likely get several spam emails per day telling you you are not at the top of the search rankings and that you need to hire that company to help you get there. Of course, you’re wise enough to know you shouldn’t respond to any of those questionable notices.

The most crucial point to remember about Digital Marketing is that there’s no magic secret to it. It is steady, consistent, hard work, including content creation, link building, and on-site optimization. When you select a Digital Marketing Company, you need to choose a company you can trust. You look for a steady, reliable company that does what they say and has a bevy of clients to prove it.

You can trust I5 Web Works. At i5, you have an internet Marketing company that cares about your success. Where possible, we will look you in the eye — via Zoom, of course. And if you choose to engage in a long-term relationship with us – we have been services some clients for more than a decade. Yes, more than ten years!

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