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To celebrate the continued job and business growth in our home state “Texas led the nation in job gains in June, adding 40,200 jobs to the state’s economy…” Dallas Morning News June 2017 – i5 is offering new businesses a chance to ensure they are off to a fast start with a high-quality website

Do you get all the business you want? Are you a little short on business this year? Regardless of the reason you need more business, i5ww can get you up and attracting more red-hot customers at an affordable price in practically no time at all.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Custom designed responsive website – recommended by Google – with up to 10 pages completed with your text and images included in the price (unlimited additional pages with your text and images cost just $35 per page)
  • An easy-to-manage website created in WordPress, which includes a content editor so you can update your pages as needed (website management training video also included)
  • SEO Title and META Description Tags so you’re primed and ready for additional search visibility
  • IMAP SSL email with 30 email addresses

Fast, reliable, and secure hosting at Rackspace (hosting costs an additional $240 per year upon successful launch of your website)


As a small business, you’ve undoubtedly tried many marketing tactics. Brochures, fliers, signs, pay-per-click, cold-calling, event marketing, TV, radio, and many others. When you use SEO, you get a low cost-per-lead. In fact, US inbound marketers who spend more than $25,000 per year save 13% per lead versus outbound marketing, according to the State of Inbound Marketing Report.

Think about it. Once you have your site ranking for your targeted keywords, you get customers flowing in from those for months and years to come. Then you can use other marketing strategies like referral marketing to grow from there. Or, you can work on building your email list for email marketing, which has the greatest ROI of all in online marketing, somewhere around 3800% or more. Building your email list also means you can stay in touch with those customers and have protection from Google algorithm updates, which could hurt your search rankings.

Also, everyone’s turning to the web to buy. That includes sophisticated B2B buyers, consumers – everyone. Currently, worldwide e-commerce sales are at $1.915 trillion, with expectations that they will grow beyond $4 trillion in 2020.

E-commerce simply makes sense for every business, so you might as well get in on the action now so you get ahead of your competition.

Why Choose i5ww To Get Your Website Ranking Online?

Michael Burns and Carita Weaver founded i5ww in 2001, way before “Internet marketing” or “online lead generation” was even thought of by most businesses. In fact, this was 3 years before Google even went public. That’s back when Infoseek, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Excite, HotBot, AskJeeves, Altavista, and Google were still battling to be the top search engine.

In those days, you could simply cram as many keywords as you could get onto a web page so you could rank. And that strategy worked. Of course, ranking in Google today is much more complex. We’ve successfully navigated all of Google’s algorithm changes for hundreds of clients in nearly every industry since then. So, you can feel secure that no matter what Google throws your way, we’ll help you get through it, and keep you ranking high so you get the customers you want from your SEO efforts.

White-Hat SEO Approach Means You Get and Keep Your Rankings and Customers

We’re a “white-hat” SEO company. You may have heard that term before. It means that we follow exactly what Google states you should do with your website. Now, the problem with that is no matter how well you think you’re following what Google says, there’s always room for interpretation. Their algorithm’s own engineers sometimes can’t even give straight answers on their algorithm because they don’t know exactly how it works.

Google can’t possibly lay out all the specifics for all the various scenarios that happen with websites. All they can do is discuss what standards and principles they recommend, and some specifics. For example, they’ve already said they’re going to dock the rankings of websites that use pop-up windows in early 2017. In the past, they’ve forced websites to use responsive web designs. You know all about their push to have websites offer amazing content at the same time too.

To the best of our knowledge, we follow all of Google’s guidelines, including adherence to significant algorithm updates, such as Panda and Penguin. We stay up-to-date on all these changes so you always stay in compliance with what Google wants. And when they make changes to their algorithm, we’re going to make sure you change along with it, if necessary – requires an ongoing support program. That means you’re going to keep your search rankings, even though you will see fluctuation from time-to-time. And you’ll continue to get those customers you want.

What Will Your Website Need to Do to Continue to Rank in the Future?

This could change quite a bit, but you don’t have to worry because i5ww does it all – requires an ongoing support program. You won’t need to manage and coordinate a team of contractors to get and keep your website ranking high. That’s one trap you can fall into.

It’s impossible to tell exactly what’s going to help you continue to rank in the future. For now, you definitely need:

  • High-quality content
  • Quality and relational links

Those are the two biggest aspects of any internet marketing strategy. Google suggests websites with good content will be considered for the top of their search rankings. If you have duplicate or low-quality content, you are likely to move to the bottom. Searchers want websites with great content that answers their questions, and Google’s aim is to make sure searchers get what they want so they continue using Google.

Links pointing to your website are currently the biggest indicator of how much your website can be trusted by Google. With a large number of links from quality websites Google already trusts, that makes you look good to Google too. You need to continue to get these links in what Google considers “natural” non-manipulative ways. Going to another website where you can post links and pointing them to your website, for example, would be manipulative and would likely get you penalized at some point. This must be done repetitively over time. Stop doing it, and Google will slowly lower your rankings. The same idea applies to content too.

Today, there is no such thing as a “set-it-and-forget-it” website. You have to constantly grow your content and links and fine-tune the user experience to make your website one a searcher want to visit time and again.

What Role Does Social Media Play in Search Rankings?

Search engine optimization experts debate the true role of social media in search rankings, although social media plays a role in your website’s rankings through social signals. For example, the number of shares a piece of your content gets may show Google people like it. As a result, Google may be more likely to rank your content highly.

It is possible for you to profit immensely from social media. You can use it to generate additional leads and sales. Most businesses simply don’t have the time or internal resources available to learn how to make social media profitable. We do. Since we’re a full-service internet marketing company, you can add that service if you think it makes sense.

There’s No Secret To Successful Search Engine Optimization – Just Hard Work

You likely get several spam emails per week telling you you’re not at the top of the search rankings and that you need to hire that company to help you get there. Of course, you’re wise and know you shouldn’t respond to any of those.

The most important point to remember about SEO is that there’s no magic secret to it. It really is just steady hard work, which includes content creation, link building, and on-site SEO. When you choose an SEO company, you’re really going with one that you trust. You know not to trust those spam emails you get routinely.

But you can trust i5ww. At i5ww, you have an internet marketing company who cares about your success. Where possible, we’ll shake your hand in person. When it’s not possible, we’re happy to do a video meeting so we can get to know one another. And if you choose to engage in a long-term relationship with us, you can always cancel it at any time without any hassles.


To get a high-ranking website that attracts you the customers you want, call 855.367.4599 or contact us at BuildMeANewSite@i5easysites.com today.